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Picture of the dining room onboard Freedom of the Seas
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If it is your first time to get on a cruise, I bet you must be feeling excited and overwhelmed on what to prepare for your upcoming vacation, there is nothing to worry about that because that is normal, and you are actually doing great because coming to this page means you would like to be prepared for your vacation!


Getting onboard is not just about swimming, although that is what it looks like, because we are being surrounded by water most of the time, but aside from planning on what kind of swimwear to bring, ship has a suggested Dress Code to follow in the Main Dining room that you need to keep in mind when loading your bags, dress code such as Casual or Formal or on a shorter cruise referred as "Wear Your Best."


​The ship's Main Dining room is a multi-level restaurant that offers world class dining experience with different courses served through out your cruise, cuisines prepared by passionate and highly skilled Chefs came from different parts of the world. With that said I am sure you would like to be at your best especially if the venue is Palatial. I think this is the best place and time to wear your favorite dress or tuxedo.

If you are a person though who prefers casual attire and prefers to select meals at your own pace, the ship's got your back! They have a go-to restaurant called Windjammer Marketplace, it is a dining mainstay offering self-serve buffet with a variety of global culinary options.


*Note:  During the embarkation day which is the first day you get on the ship, ship usually has a high volume of luggage and delivery might take a while which leads for your luggage to be delivered after sail away.  It's highly suggested to bring the important things with you in your carry on luggage especially your dress or tuxedo that you would like to wear for the night.


To make your planning easier Royal Caribbean's website had grouped the suggested attire by item. Below are the few types you have to consider to pack in your luggage.


For 5 Night or less sailings:

  1. ​Resort Casual

  2. Dress to Impress

  3. Wear Your Best


For 6 Night or longer sailings:

  1. Casual

  2. Smart Casual

  3. Formal


​Below are the suggested attire for the dress code mentioned above, based on Royal Caribbean's website and Royal App on a short cruise on Freedom of the Seas 24 March 2023 sailing.

​[Internet source: 22March2023/]


  • Casual: You’re on vacation – relax! Jeans, polos, sundresses and blouses are all the right amount of laid back. Please keep swimwear to the Pool Deck. Shorts are welcomed for breakfast and lunch.

  • Smart Casual: Think of this as a step up from your typical dinner wear. Dress to impress with collared shirts, dresses, skirts and blouses, or pantsuits. Jackets, sports coats and blazers are snazzy and welcomed.

  • Resort Casual: Casual dress is the perfect way to enjoy this adventure. Feel free to kick back in jeans, polos, golf or Bermuda shorts, t-shirts, blouses or sundresses. Remember to keep swimwear for the pool deck only.

  • Wear your Best: Say goodbye to Formal Night, and hello to Wear Your Best. Get glamorous. Be chic. It's time to shine - your way.

  • Dress to Impress: Nighttime's the right time to wear your best look. That means a step up from your typical dinner wear, and includes collared shirts, dresses, skirts, blouses and pantsuits. Jackets, tuxedos/formal wear sports coats and blazers are also appropriate.

  • Formal: Make it a night out in your best black-tie look – suits and ties, tuxedos, cocktail dresses or evening gowns. There can be 1-4 formal nights during a sailing and is at the ship’s discretion.


Things Worth Noting:

  • Chef’s Table dining experience also enforces a formal dress code policy.

  • For sailings 5N or less, Formal Nights may be referred to as "Wear Your Best"

  • Formal Nights may also be referred to as "Captain's Night"

  • Swimsuits, shorts, flip-flops, robes, bare feet, baseball caps and pool wear are not allowed in the main restaurants or specialty restaurants.

  • The dress code above is applicable to children of all ages.

  • Bare feet are not allowed at any time in any venue and tank tops are not permitted in the Main Dining Room or Specialty Dining venues for dinner.


Below are the number of Formal Nights based on the Itinerary Length


  • 3/4/5 night cruises - 1 formal night*

  • 6 and 7 night cruises - 2 formal nights*

  • 8 to 10 night cruises - 2 formal nights*

  • 11 to 14 night cruises - 3 formal nights*

  • 15 + night cruises - 3 or 4 formal nights*


*The number of formal nights is at the ship's discretion and can vary by itinerary.

Main Dining Room/Specialty Dining Venues



These are just the guidelines that might help you on packing and saved you from overstuffed luggage with unnecessary clothes, how about save your luggage space for maybe a souvenir collection?

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