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Different types of Balcony on Freedom Class

  • Ocean View Balcony                         : Room size 200 sq.ft 

  • Connecting Ocean View Balcony    : Room size 179 sq.ft

  • Spacious Ocean View Balcony         : Room size 214 sq.ft 

  • Ocean View Balcony - Accessible    : Room size 286 sq.ft  Oversized doors stateroom and bathroom.  Roll in                                                                      shower

Royal Caribbean's bed size is bigger than Queen size bed ( 60x80 ) but not exactly the same size as King Bed

( 76x80 ).  So they come up with another brand name which is "Royal King" bed measuring 72.5 inches wide by 82 inches long.  Beds across the entire fleet are twin beds that convert to a Royal King bed* ( with some ship exception on some suite)

Ocean View Balcony

Room Size: 200 sq.ft
​Room nu
mber: 8272 in the picture

Connecting Ocean View Balcony

Room Size: 179 sq.ft
Picture from room 8218 - 8220

Spacious Ocean View Balcony

Room size: 214
Picture from Ro
om 7238

Ocean View Balcony - Accessible


     Room size 286 sq.ft  

     Accessible Rooms has a wider door than the regular rooms with a size of 35"W and 78"H

Bathroom features:

  • No bathroom door sills so wheelchair can easily pass through

  • Wheelchair can make full circle in bathroom and can roll into shower 

  • Hand rails with lower sink and vanity to support the handicapped guest

  • Shower stall with stool 

  • Fold-down shower bench - Folds down off the side of the wall and measures 18.5" high ( from floor to top of shower bench).

  • With Toilet seat risers for easy use ( between 15 to 19 inches high )

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