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Frequently Asked Questions

Corkage / Liquor and Alcohol Policy

Royal has just made an update regarding corkage fee last March of 2023.

$15 corkage fee per bottle will incur if guest consume personal bottles of wine or champagne in public areas

Guests can bring personal wine or champagne onboard but only on boarding day.  

1 bottle only per guest of drinking age is  allowed up to 750 ml bottle not boxed or other containers.

Wine or champagne should be brought onboard via carry-on if possible.  If you can't avoid to place it on your luggage then you will  need to retrieve your luggage from security after the ship has sailed as they will not deliver your luggage or bag to your room.

You are allowed to buy liquor bottles outside the ports of call or from the onboard shops if you wish to do so however if you already brought one on Day 1 to the ship then the bottles you bought will be considered as additional bottles and it will be stored onboard and will be delivered to your stateroom on the last day of the cruise.

Wine Bottles

Bottled Water

Bottled water is available for sale at any bar inside the ship.  It's free if you have a beverage package and you can ask for it on any bar in the ship.

Bottled water cases are available in the bar for purchase for those who doesn't have a beverage package, unfortunately the bottled water cases are not available for those with drink package, bars are only allowed to give away bottles of water for you but not in case.

For those who has a beverage package and would like to get the case of bottled water, their is another alternative for you, room service will be able to provide it for you however you need to buy it plus the 18% gratuities.   

Wine Bottles

Project Name

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Wine Bottles

Dining Dress Code


NextCruise and Shore Excursion

They are two different things.

A lot of people are always get confused with the two.  People always goes to Nextcruise thinking they can book Shore Excursion for them.

Shore Excursions is where you can book your land tour specially if you are not sure what to do at the ports of call on your current cruise.

while NextCruise book a future cruise for you, whether it's going to Alaska, Caribbean, Europe, or Asia, Australia .  The team can book any cruise for you as long as it's Royal Caribbean ship or it's sister company Celebrity cruises.

nextcruise and shoreex

Project Name

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Wine Bottles
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